Number Course title Hours/Credit
070200M01001H Advanced Electrodynamics 54/3
070200M01002H Quantum Field Theory 60/4
070200M01003H Theory of the Solid State 50/3
070200M01004H Quantum Theory of Many-Particle System 60/4
070200M01005H Physics of Semiconductors 50/3
070200M01006H Computational Acoustics 60/4
070200M01007H Advanced Quantum Mechanics 60/4
070200M01008H Advanced Quantum Mechanics 60/4
070200M01009H Physics of Ferromagnetism 50/3
070200M01012H The technology for particle detection 50/3
070200M01013H Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics 50/3
070200M01014H Laser Spectroscopy 60/4
070200M01015H Theory of Atomic and Molecular Spectra and Structure 60/4
070200M01016H Physics of surfaces 60/4
070200M01017H Advanced Statistical Physics 60/4
070200M01018H Introduction of Particle Physics 60/4
070200M01019H Group Theory in Physics 60/4
070200M01020H Theory and Application of Electromagnetic Field in Optics 50/3
070200M01021H Group Theory 60/4
070200M01022H Theoretical Acoustics I 60/4
070200M01023H Theoretical Acoustics II 60/4
070200M01024H Superconductivity 50/3
070200M01025H Solid Acoustics 60/4
070200M02001H Introduction of Soft Mater Physics 50/3
070200M02002H X-Ray Crystallography 50/3
070200M02004H Probability and Statistics in Experimental Physics 40/2
070200M02005H Nuclear Structure 50/3
070200M02006H Introduction to Neutrino Physics 50/3
070200M02007H Frontier Problems in Quantum Mechanics 40/2
070200M02008H Mesoscopic Physics 40/2
070200M02009H Quantum Field Theory(2) 50/3
070200M02010H Differential Geometry and Topology in Physics 48/3
070200M02012H Quantum Optics 50/3
070200M02013H Physics of Ultracold Atomic Gases 30/2
070200M02014H Lie Group and Lie Algebra 40/2
070200M02015H Gauge Field Theory 50/3
070200M02016H Particle Physics 50/3
070200M02017H Cosmic Ray Physics 40/2
070200M02018H Introduction to Method of Astroparticle Physics Experiments 40/2
070200M02019H Data processing and analysis techniques in particle physics 50/3
070200M02020H Computer Applications in Physical Research 50/3
070200M02023H Ocean Acoustics 50/3
070200M02025H Structural Acoustics 40/2
070200M02027H Introduction to Plasma Physics 40/2
070200M02028H Medical Ultrasonics 40/2
070200M02029H Surface Acoustic Wave Sensing Technology and Application 30/2
070200M02031H Quantum Field Theory(1) 50/3
070200M02032H Biological Physics 50/3
070200M02033H Modern Cosmology 40/2
070200M02034H Density Functional Theory and Applications 40/2
070200M02036H General Relativity 50/3
070200M02037H Computational Ocean Acoustics 54/3
070200M02038H Piezoelectric Materials and Piezoelectric Transducers 30/2
070200M02039H Ultrasonic waves propagation and imaging 50/3
070200M02041H Optical Physics in Condensed Matter 48/3
070200M02042H Advanced Laser Physics 50/3
070200M02043H Principles and technology of plasma diagnostics 42/2
070200M02044H Modern Optics 50/3
070200M02045H Computational Physics 40/2
070200M02046H Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics 40/2
070200M02047H Basic theory and method of single crystal growth 50/3
070200M02048H High Energy Astrophysics and Gravitational Wave  50/3
070200M02049H Experimental Methods of Solid State Physics 58/3
070200M02051Y/H Sypersymmtry, Supergravity and Super-Strings 40/2
070200M03001H Topics of Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics 20/1
070200M03002H Selected Topics in Frontiers of Laser Spectroscopy  20/1
070200M03003H Some Topics of Atomic and Molecular Spectra and Structure Seminar 20/1
070200M03004H Collider Physics 20/1
070200M03005H Progress in Acoustics 20/1
070200M03006H Topical seminars of quantum field theory 20/1
070200M03007H Seminar for data analysis techniques of nuclear and particle physics 20/1
070200M03008H Advanced Topics on Electroweak Gauge Theory 20/1
070200M03009H Seminar on Density Functional Theory and Applications 20/1
070200M03010H Some Topics of High Energy Astrophysics 20/1
070200M08001H Experiment of Advanced Physics(2) 30/1
070200M08002H Experiment of Advanced Physics(1) 30/1
070200MGB001H Academic Morality and Writing Norms 10/0.5
070200MGX001H Universe and Life 20/1
  Communication Skills 20/1
070200MGX002H Progress of Laser Technology and Applications 20/1
070200M07001H An Introduction to Super-Symmetry 20/1
070200M07002H Computer Algebra for Acoustics and Related Science and Engineering 20/1
070200M00001H T. D. Lee Lectures 16/1
070200M00002H Synchrotron Radiation Advanced Photon Source and its Application in Scientific Research 20/1